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In an in-depth interview, Firaxis' Creative Director Jacob Solomon told us the studio specifically set out to make essentially a Marvel skinned XCOM, but as the team iterated on its Marvel's Midnight Suns project that plan quickly went by the wayside, with the game taking an a whole new tactics persona while forming as something entirely new for the studio.

"The [truth is] we weren't intending for this to be quite as different as it ended up," Solomon revealed to us. "We are the XCOM team, the team making Midnight Suns is the XCOM team. And our intention was to make a Marvel XCOM, frankly, and umm… we didn't do that. We made something very, very different. But that's not because that was our plan, that's just because it’s how it worked out. I truly believe people who enjoyed XCOM will immediately find a lot to enjoy in Midnight Suns. We were very, very close in terms of… we don't share the same mechanics. We're an RPG, we're a much more full-fledged RPG with a fuller story. It's a much longer, bigger game. But when you're in combat, it's going to flex the same muscles."

The full interview also goes into how the studio landed on Midnight Suns as its Marvel project, how being OP is fine and reveals that you might want to stick around after the game's end credits.

Oh, and there's some Morbius love in there too, not the Jared Leto kind, though.

Click here for our full Firaxis interview.

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