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This is cool. In an effort to flesh out the game-world and add a layer of context to the events that will (or have) transpire(d) in The Callisto Protocol, developer Striking Distance has created a prequel podcast which will set up the events before the game, called Helix Station. It will also star Gwendoline Christie of both Game of Thrones and The Sandman fame.

You can listen to a trailer for the podcast above. Here's the official word on Helix Station:
Helix Station is a six-part sci-fi horror podcast prequel to the highly anticipated videogame The Callisto Protocol. The podcast, starring Emmy-nominated actress Gwendoline Christie, takes fans deep into the world of Black Iron Prison and The United Jupiter Company before the game releases worldwide for PC and Consoles on 2nd December, 2022. The first two episodes of “Helix Station” are available now, with new episodes launching weekly in November wherever podcasts are available.

Helix Station follows two of the most feared skip tracers in the Jovian system, Percy (Gwendoline Christie) and Kane (Michael Ironside), as they take on some of the most lucrative bounties in the region – from Ganymede and Io to Europa Station and all points in between. When the pair find their ship commandeered by Black Iron Prison officer Metzger (Kevin Durand), they soon find themselves ensnared in a once-in-a-lifetime job on Helix Station, a derelict metropolis that harbours dark secrets about the true nature of the United Jupiter Company.

Helix Station also features Sam Littlefield as Prendergast, Cassandra Blair as Tanaka, Leland Orser as Lennox, and Caitlin Kinnunen as Juniper.
On being involved with project, Christie said that it "was amazing to work with the team at Striking Distance Studios to bring the character Percy to life and lay the narrative foundation for The Callisto Protocol".

“We’ve built a rich narrative around The Callisto Protocol, and ‘Helix Station’ is a chance for fans to go deep with the United Jupiter Company and Black Iron Prison before the game comes out,” said Glen Schofield, CEO of Striking Distance Studios. “The cast did an amazing job bringing these characters to life, and we hope fans love this extension of The Callisto Protocol.”

The Callisto Protocol is scheduled to land on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this December 2. Stay tuned for more on the game as it becomes available.

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