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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:13pm 02/11/22 | 1 Comments
The last time Blizzard introduced a new class for Hearthstone was back in 2020, with the arrival of the Demon Hunter - which presented a major shift in the meta and options available to players. With the last and latest expansion for the year, March of the Lich King set to debut worldwide on December 7, the icy setting will feature Arthas’s journey as he becomes the iconic Lich King.

And introduce a brand new class - the Death Knight. Here’s the cinematic reveal.

Introducing the new Death Knight class means the arrival of an impressive 203 new cards, the new Undead minion type, and the new Manathirst keyword. Here’s the overview.

March of the Lich King

New Minion type: Undead
    Death Knights revel in the power of the undead, and now players have a new minion type specifically to showcase them. Hundreds of minions from previous expansions have been updated retroactively with the Undead tag (with some minions even sporting dual types), and the Reborn keyword is returning as an evergreen mechanic as well.

New Keyword: Manathirst
    Representing the Blood Elves’ unquenchable dependence on the Sunwell and magical energies is a new keyword, Manathirst. Cards have additional powers when you have enough mana crystals to trigger the effect. No mana needs to be consumed for the bonus effect to be triggered.

New Class: Death Knight

    Upon completion of a free prologue, players will unlock the blazingly chilly Death Knight. The 11th playable class debuts with 68 class cards (including 32 free core set cards).

    Hero Power: Ghoul Charge summons a 1/1 Ghoul with Charge that dies at the end of the turn.

    New Resource: Corpses means that every time a friendly minion dies it’s counted as a Corpse.

    Death Knights use the all-new Rune system to specialise their deck for powerful Blood, Frost, and Unholy abilities.

    Blood Runes - Play big minions and fight for board control. Blood rune decks are incredibly resilient and drain life blood from their opponents through health manipulation magic.

    Frost Runes - Slice and dice your way through opponents with icy blasts of direct damage. With an abundance of spell synergy and mana control, the Frost line-up can easily freeze and undermine the enemy.

    Unholy Runes - Raise relentless armies of the Undead and utilise Corpses in explosive ways. With Unholy runes, players can flood the board with minions that just refuse to stay dead.

As an added bonus the Knights of Hallow’s End Event is now live and Knights of the Frozen Throne cards have temporarily returned to Standard, free to everyone until March of the Lich King releases.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:32pm 02/11/22
I think this will drag me back into Hearthstone
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