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When it released late last year we hailed Age of Empires IV as "a natural extension of Age of Empires II’s brilliance". Today comes a big update (that's also free to all existing players) in the form of Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition which introduces two new civilizations, the Ottomans and Malians. Plus, new maps and biomes.

Here's a breakdown of the new civilizations and new Art of War challenges.
The Ottomans civilization benefits strongly from their military prowess, their Imperial Council system, as well as their unique Military School system.

The Malians focus on strong economic play, making gold and spending gold, and prefer strategic hit-and-run tactics with their unique infantry units instead of prolonged military battles.

New Art of War Challenges

At last, Survival Challenges have come to Art of War. This release brings two new single-player “Art of War” survival challenge missions focused on the Ottoman and Malian civilizations. Use them to hone your understanding and mastery of the unique abilities of each civilization.

In the Ottoman Art of War challenge, you must defend your Town Center and prevent it from being destroyed by opponents. Use the unique features of the Ottomans to build up their economy, strengthen their army and hold out against waves of enemies! Strategizing with the new Ottoman units and production buildings will be key to success in this scenario. You will gain a medal (Bronze, Silver, Gold) based on how long you’re able to survive the enemy waves.

In the exciting new Malian Art of War challenge, you must defend your Open Pit Mines from waves of enemy attackers. To be successful, you must use the unique Malian units to put together strikes on the enemy forces and prevent destroying your Open Pit Mines! You will gain a medal (Bronze, Silver, Gold) based on how much gold your Open Pit Mines can gather before being overrun by the enemy.

For the full details on Season Three, the eight new maps, two new biomes, and new additions like waypoint markers and revamped naval warfare - head here.

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