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Unfinity is the latest Magic: The Gathering set due to launch on October 7, 2022 with a setting that is part sci-fi, part carnival in space. A vibrant, colourful setting, that leans into the more humorous side of MTG - something that will no doubt feel like a breath of fresh air after the more serious tone of recent sets. With hundreds of cards set to debut with Unfinity, our friends at Wizards of the Coast have given us a sneak peek at one - Resolute Veggiesaur.

A dinosaur employee that we assume is working the carnival attractions at Myra the Magnificent's Intergalactic Astrotorium of Fun, handing out prizes to all of the space kids. Or, making sure they don’t try and hack the prize machines. He’s a Veggisaur so parents won’t need to worry. The artwork by Leonardo Santanna depicts the dino’s employee outfit, which is heavily inspired by retro sci-fi aesthetics from the mid-20th century.

It’s funny, and very cool in equal measure. As to be expected with a dinosaur wearing clothes.

Resolute Veggiesaur

    Creature - Dinosaur Employee


Whenever you roll your third die each turn, put a +1/+1 counter on Resolute Veggiesaur.

”This dinosaur doesn’t know what will kill him, but he’s determined it won’t be heart disease.”<,i>

Artist: Leonardo Santanna

As for the card itself, Resolute Veggiesaur (3/3) makes use of the Trample keyword ability, to add a bit of extra defense for the combat round.

Magic: The Gathering Unfinity is out on October 7, 2022. It’s also coming to MTG Arena. For more info on the new set – head to the Magic: The Gathering Unfinity product page. One of the cool new features of the set is the introduction of stickers, which not only bedazzle your cards but also add cool bonuses. Plus, there's Attractions, fill-in-the-blank Wordplay cards, and more. For a look at some of the mechanics head here.

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