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The Division Heartland is a new free-to-play entry in the series from Ubisoft studio Red Storm, and is described as "a survival-action multiplayer shooter set in small-town America". The interesting word there is survival, as on top of the usual Division-style cover-based shooting it looks like it will feature elements from the survival game genre.

And the fun and very cool Survival game mode from the first game. The following video gives us a look at the new setting. Its release is set for sometime between 2022-2023 and is coming to PC, consoles, and the cloud.

This standalone free-to-play The Division game introduces new playable characters in a rural setting, far from the events in New York and Washington D.C. Silver Creek was once a pleasant town in the American Midwest, but it was left in ruins following the spread of the Dollar Flu. Players will take on the role of loyal Division agents from across the nation responding to a call for help. Fighting alongside and against other trained agents, players will explore the secrets of Silver Creek and provide hope to what remains of small-town America.

Announced at the Ubisoft Forward event on the weekend, we also learned that The Dvision 2 is getting more love in the form of Season 10: Price of Power, which will focus on "the latest target to track down – General Peter Anderson". The second of three seasons for Year 4 of The Division 2 it's set to include new difficulties, quality of life improvements, events, and more when it launches on September 13.

Finally, we got an updated look at Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence, a free-to-play mobile RPG coming to Android and iOS. As per the latest trailer, the mobile game will feature the popular Dark Zone PvP action.

For a chance to play both The Division Heartland and The Division Resurgence early - you can sign up here.

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