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Acclaimed composer Inon Zur (whose credits include Fallout 3, Dragon Age: Origins, and Fallout 4) is once again working with Bethesda to create the music that you'll hear in Starfield. Appearing in a new longform interview on the Nikhil Hogan Show on YouTube, Inon opens up about the game - specifically in relation to the size and scope of the ambitious RPG.

Namely that the story and themes are going to be huge, and philosophical in nature.
Starfield is a deep game, it's a philosophical game. It's a game that will consume a lot of... if you want to play Starfield it'll consume a lot of your being. I believe that after Starfield, you will be a bit of... I wouldn't say changed person, but it will definitely give you another perspective. Maybe a deeper perspective on your whole being.

As for the size of the game, and this might be in relation to the music, Inon Zur notes that it's "at least twice as big as the biggest game Bethesda ever did". Although we know that Starfield features action, RPG elements, factions to join, and many stories and locations to explore, it's definitely cool to hear that the team at BGS is swinging for the stars with this one. Exploring the universe and trying to understand your place in it is such a great central theme to explore.

"The premise of Starfield and the courage to ask questions and try to answer them is actually standing in the core of Starfield," Inon Zur says. "It's more than just another shooter or another RPG game. Starfield really takes a very courageous step into a realm that is more philosophical."

Starfield is the first brand-new IP from the studio behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and it's currently on track for the 2023 release across Xbox consoles and PC.

Check out the full interview/discussion with Inon Zur below.

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