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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:15pm 20/07/22 | 1 Comments
From designing the original Wolfenstein 3D in 1992 at id Software through to Doom, Quake, and the troubled Daikatana, John Romero is a veteran of both PC game development and one of the creators of the FPS genre. Although his studio Romero Games has been busy with other styles, last night came word from John himself that he and the team there are creating an all-new FPS.

An original new IP that his studio is creating alongside help from a "major publisher". And with that Romero Games is hiring for the new project that is being created using Unreal Engine 5.

And with that a number of roles are available for developers to join the team, which is now apparently "exclusively focused on developing FPS games". The Romero Games site lists DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D, SIGIL, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Forza, Sniper Elite VR, The Division 1 & 2, and Crysis as franchises the team has had a part in.

Seeing John Romero go back to the genre he helped create is pretty cool, even if his last high-profile FPS Daikatana (2000) was something of a miss-step. The headline of this piece is a reference to that game's infamous marketing tagline. It'll be interesting to see just what style of FPS it will be, a throwback to the Quake and Doom era or something more modern and cinematic like Call of Duty.

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Posted 03:53pm 20/7/22
Feel like this guy takes too much credit for his contributions at Id. Now he seems to be trying to associate his name with the excellent doom reboot and capitalise on its success.
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