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Diablo II: Resurrected was a brilliant remaster by the way of remake for the iconic action-RPG, and since launch the team at Blizzard have continued to update the game with new items, balance changes, and several updates. After a rocky launch (server-wise) things are now in a great place, and the latest update Patch 2.4.3 is looking to improve the backend, lobbies, and more.

The update will let players see more games in the game list to join, and the console multiplayer experience has been given an overhaul to mirror the PC side with a proper game list and easier access to creating a private or public game. The PC side is being updated too, with a search function so you can find those games that are pure Pindle Runs.

In terms of Quality of Life stuff, you can now "Loot to Cube" which means picking up items and putting them directly in the Horadric Cube. Which acts as a way to increase your inventory size - a Diablo II staple, so this is an awesome addition. Deckard Cain will also be able to identify items that are in the Cube too.

Class-wise the Barbarian's Whirlwind attack will now be faster as the animations and casting have been updated to be smoother - meaning that Whirlwind, Leap, or Leap Attack can be recast immediately when ending. This is a change that will improve the overall combat flow of Diablo II's decidedly "slower than Diablo 3" style.

With the patch going live today/tomorrow on all platforms there will also be a 50% buff to Magic Find until July 4 - which will also help on the Rune hunt front.

Head here for the full Patch Notes.

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