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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:17am 21/06/22 | 0 Comments
Genre fusion of this juxtaposed level will be the new norm, as more and more games try new ways to cut through as the industry swells with great product and new devs. One such title that's doing just that, and which certainly jumped off the screen to us is Scrap Riders, a cyberpunk-set 16-bit game that fuses classic Point and Click Adventuring with Beat 'em Up mechanics.

Here's the official rundown on the unique gameplay blend and the setting driving it all:
Scrap Riders is a pixel art beat ’em up adventure game set in a cyberpunk future, developed by Spanish studio Games for Tutti. You play as Rast, a member of the outlaw bikers gang Scrap Riders, and make your way through the wastelands as well as a big metropolis controlled by corporations. Act as a smuggler with caustic humour to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

Fight your way through this 2D beat them up using your fists and guns, but beware: the wastelands are not for the faint of heart. There, violence is always the answer, but it won’t be enough! Without your wits you won't last long. Talk to the right people, gather clues, and kick bad guys’ butts!
Key features:
  • A unique gameplay mix: Scrap Riders offers an original combination of Beat ’em up gameplay and old-school Point’n Click adventure puzzles & dialogs. Fight, point & click your way through the story!
  • A retro art style: Embrace a unique retro vibe with lovely pixel art visuals and a 16-bit soundtrack!
  • Crazy humor and references: Have some laughs with zany dialogs from quirky characters and try to identify all the meta jokes and pop culture references hidden throughout the game!
  • A fascinating cyberpunk world to explore: Wander through the diverse environments of this post-apocalyptic universe, from wastelands to a big neo-punk metropolis controlled by corporations.
In fairness to the combined genres here -- it's a bit hard to not marry them up, and as kids when playing either I definitely came across moments where I either wanted to learn more about, say, Metro City or, conversely, just wanted to wail on some fools in a Ron Gilbert classic.

Scrap Riders is currently slated for release on PC and Nintendo Switch this September 21.

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