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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:30pm 17/06/22 | 0 Comments
In a new trailer, New Zealand-based developer, A44 Games, details the setting of its forthcoming open-world action-RPG, Flintlock, where magic and industry collide. Dubbed "Flintlock Fantasy" by the studio, and described as a "merge of Napoleonic-era technology and classic magical themes", Flintlock's unique spin on the pen and paper trope that is the wild versus industry is a tantalising one indeed.

A44 Games' Derek Bradley runs us through the nature of the game's setting in the above video, while highlighting how the game's main lead, Nor Vanek, becomes a conduit for the warring worlds of both factions as she wields powers from both.
After the Door to the Afterlife has been opened, the Gods’ army of the undead has been unleashed into the world of the living. With humanity pushed to the brink of extinction in a vicious war, the fate of this Flintlock Fantasy world has been left up to Nor Vanek.

After being abandoned by the Gods, humanity was able to advance, inventing gunpowder and wielding enormous power for themselves. Rather than welcome this power when they returned, the Gods instead initiated a massive war, pushing humanity to its brink with an army of the undead.

Nor Vanek is a member of the Coalition army, and humanity’s last, best chance at survival. With her partner, a telepathic fox named Enki, and a bevy of ferocious melee weapons and flintlock firearms, she can devastate the undead armies. With humanity at her back and a desire for revenge following the death of her father at the Gods hands, Nor ventures out to destroy the undead with the might of magic and gunpowder.

Explore a world set in the niche fantasy genre of Flintlock Fantasy, develop lethal skills split across Nor’s various weapons, and discover the extent of the Gods’ cruelty.

Key Features
  • Explore A Dangerous Battlefield. Fly through the desert sands, journey through cavernous ruins and unveil the secrets that lie in the towering City of Dawn. Find allies throughout the city’s wastes to aid you in your battle against the Gods.

  • Conquer Powerful Foes. Fight against the Gods’ most powerful troops before reaching them. Demanding boss battles require players with steady hands and a feel for the rhythm of a fight where one wrong move can spell disaster.

  • Forge A Unique Bond. Join Nor Vanek and her telepathic fox companion Enki as they explore a world devastated by a long war fought against the most powerful creatures in existence.

  • Develop Powerful Skills. To defeat the undead forces, You’ll need to master various types of combat. Learn to fight with axes, guns, magic and more, and unleash powerful combos against your enemies.

  • Discover Flintlock Fantasy. Experience the unique fantasy sub-genre of Flintlock Fantasy; a merge of Napoleonic-era technology and classic magical themes, powers, and creatures.
As fans of the studio's previous effort, Ashen, and of the classic pen and paper trope of "wild versus industry" by way of the dev-described "Flintlock Fantasy" we're definitely champing at the bit for more of Flintlock. (Flintlock Fantasy certainly sounds better than Flintpunk which it could also have been described as.)

Check out a handful of new screens below, and stay tuned for more right here on AusGamers.

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