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In other Fallout news today (psst... Fallout 5 is coming), the online Appalachian action of Fallout 76 just got a new update dubbed 'Test Your Metal'. It arrives alongside Season 9 for the game, and introduces three new Public Events. One of which is something of a Bethesda RPG staple going all the way back to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - an arena mode.

Here's the trailer, and info on the new events.


The Brotherhood of Steel have uncovered that a group of Blood Eagles, calling themselves the Rust Eagles, have been stockpiling spare robot parts to construct an army of combat bots. Concerned about the threat this may pose to Appalachia, Scribe Valdez recently sent a field team to investigate. Now, you can join forces with the “Gladiators of Steel” in a fierce contest to survive against the robots inside the Rust Eagle Arena.

The “Test Your Metal” Public Event will appear on your map at the Metal Dome, north of Fort Atlas in the Savage Divide. Travel there and speak with Initiate Pappas to start the event. Once Test Your Metal begins, you will join three members of the Brotherhood field team to compete as gladiators against the Rust Eagles’ deadly machines. You and the Gladiators of Steel will square off against the bots in three rounds of frenzied combat. Defeat the opposition in one round, and you’ll advance to the next.


The Settlers at Foundation have been working to expand their territory by setting up a new encampment within a nearby blast crater. They even managed to engineer a solution to the crater’s immense radiation levels by inventing a machine known as a “Rad Scrubber.” However, a radio broadcast from one of the Settlers at the construction site indicated that they’ve been forced out by a band of Super Mutants. Visit the crater to assess the situation, and ensure the area is safe so that work can get back underway.

“Eviction Notice” is a challenging new Public Event tuned for higher-level characters. It will appear on your map in the Savage Divide at a crater that can be found east of Foundation, and south of Huntersville. Find and activate the Rad Scrubber within the crater, and then prepare for a fight!


You’re invited to join in the Moonshine Jamboree at the Sunday Brothers Cabin! It’s tragic what befell the Sunday boys, but their devotion to mixing up the finest moonshine in all of Appalachia lives on with Moonshiner Ned, their trusty Handy bot. There’s just one problem: Mire Magic Moonshine’s key ingredient is Gulper venom, which Ned can’t acquire alone. That’s where the Jamboree truly shines. Help Ned pick up where the Sunday Brothers left off, by hosting a party that will attract as many of the beasts as possible to the Cabin.

Meet up with Moonshiner Ned behind the bar inside Sunday Brothers Cabin in The Mire to kick off the festivities. Light the Jamboree Bonfire, and then keep your guard up. Vicious Gulpers and other curious creatures will soon flood the area to investigate the raucous Jamboree.

A fresh season also means a new Scoreboard to unlock rewards, with Season 9's taking on the form of Heart of Steel: A Dread Island Tale - with Fallout 1st Members getting some bonuses in the form of S.C.O.R.E. boosts. Also, the in-game Pirate Radio Station has been updated with six new Radio Plays to suit the Dread Island theme. head here for the full patch notes.

And with that Season 10, which is due in September, looks to be a fairly big update as it introduces Expeditions and a new location - The Pitt. Here's a sneak peak at that.

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