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The original Flashback from 1992 is one of the very first cinematic platformers, paving the way for the likes of Limbo and other modern day side-scrollers. Flashback 2 is currently in development at Microids Studio Lyon with original designer back Paul Cuisset also back at the helm.

The following gameplay teaser is a little strange in that we get to see gameplay snippets super-imposed over some stylish sci-fi figures.

After defeating the Master Brain in the previous episode, Conrad and his allies are once again facing the Morphs species, threatening all civilizations. Adding insult to injury, Conrad’s best friend Ian is being kidnapped in front of him.. Another dirty trick from the Morphs? It will be up to you to find out who did it and their motivations. Developed in close collaboration between Paul Cuisset’s team and Microids Studio Lyon, Flashback 2 will welcome players to discover a brand new story blending action, puzzle and infiltration. This adventure will take you to familiar places like Neo Washington or the Jungle, as well as new locations like Neo Tokyo or a mysterious space station.

To work on this sequel and pay tribute to the original game, Paul Cuisset managed to bring back some team members like game designer Thierry Perreau and the composer of the famous Amiga soundtrack, Raphaël Gesqua.

Flashback was praised for its innovative animation in the early 90’s, the team wanted to keep that tradition going for this new episode. To achieve their goal, the world renown stuntman Jamel Blissat (Marvel’s Moon Knight Oscar Isaac body double) was hired to do Conrad B. Hart’s motion capture.

As per above the sequel will place a big focus on realistic animation to compliment the visuals. And the release date isn't far off with Flashback 2 set to launch in Summer 2022 (Winter 2022 for us in ANZ) on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. A Nintendo Switch version is also coming in 2023.

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