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Running around a detailed 3D environment in a Street Fighter game? Yeah, Capcom has managed to pull that off whilst still pushing forward the traditional side-on fighting that has made the series a staple. Street Fighter 6 got an extended reveal at the PlayStation State of Play earlier today.

And in case you were wondering, Chun Li's thighs are as formidable as ever. Check it out.

With the game making full use of Capcom's powerful RE engine for the first time it's no wonder the new World Tour and Battle Hub modes look like highly detailed cities to explore. Plus it allows for the truly impressive art direction and detail we see. Details on exactly how they'll work remains unclear, though we do know Arcade Mode, online matches, Training Mode, and local versus battles will make up the bulk of the Street Fighter 6 experience.

"With the RE Engine, you’ll notice enhanced visuals in every aspect of the game. Beads of sweat will roll down across skin, muscles will tense up when used, and cherry blossom petals will flitter and twirl in line with a character’s movement," writes Andy Wong, Sr. Manager, Social Media and Community, Capcom. "Pair this graphics upgrade with the explosive splashes of paint and the striking graffiti treatment, and you’ll end up with an art style distinct to Street Fighter 6."

In terms of characters, returning faces Ryu, Chun-Li, and Luke are joined by newcomer Jamie - as part of this first-look. And when it comes to mechanics the new Drive System will serve as a gauge to enhance offensive and defensive abilities. And when it comes to accessibility, Capcom in introducing a Modern Control Type to simplify pulling off moves.

Finally, a Real Time Commentary Feature is being added to deliver competitive-style play-by-plays and tips for players. Which, yeah, is interesting.

Street Fighter 6 is on track for release in 2023 for PlayStation 5.

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