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Ahead of its overnight global debut we’re ready to share our initial thoughts of the first brand-new Diablo game since Diablo III. As an MMO and a mobile-first title, you might think that it presents a very different style of action-RPG. Although it certainly carries a different feel, Diablo: Immortal is still every bit a classic Diablo game. So put on your best Legendary gear, polish your socketed gems, and dig into our initial thoughts.

A snippet.
With a narrative set between the events of Diablo II and III, the art style will no doubt be familiar for those that played the last Sanctuary outing. A vibrant mix of colour whilst still retaining a dark and brooding feel across locales that cover the classic Diablo mix of forests, towns, deserts, snowy mountains, and dark and dingy dungeons. With six familiar classes to choose from at launch, covering Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard, both the character and monster designs feel every bit like an expansion of what we saw in Diablo III.

Playing as a Barbarian, familiar skills and abilities like Whirlwind and Leap make an appearance, but in a form that sees them level-up alongside your character. The classes are highly detailed, full of personality, and feature some great animation (alongside excellent sound design and voice acting).

This is not to say that Immortal is essentially Diablo 3.5 on mobile, but that familiarity definitely helps ground the experience for fans. Really though, it’s how the hack-and-slash simplicity and linear nature of the cinematic story almost immediately sets the ‘Yes, this is a real and full Diablo experience’ tone. AAA, if you will. Mobile games have expanded in size and scope over the years and it’s clear that Blizzard was aiming to bring Diablo to the platform without compromise.

Head Here For Our Initial Thoughts on Diablo: Immortal

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