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And he's pissed. Which isn't a bad starting point for a slice of fiction, really.

Poland-based developer-publisher, The Dust, has used this basic setup as the foundation for its self-proclaimed "story-driven dark renaissance action-adventure mystery game", I, The Inquisitor, which is set in an alternate history in the 1500s and is all kinds of promise.

The game looks to take cues from the likes of Frogwares' detective-based outings in The Sinking City and its most recent Sherlock Holmes Chapter One where investigative gameplay is concerned, while also featuring plenty of The Witcher-like alt-history stuff in a relatable, yet twisted period.

Here's some official scripture:
I, the Inquisitor is a story-driven dark renaissance action-adventure mystery game set in an alternate history 1500s. In this world, Jesus did not die on the cross. Instead, he broke free from his crucifixion and unleashed bloody vengeance on those who did not believe in him.

Centuries pass and now an army of zealot Inquisitors brutally enforce the faith of this blood-hungry Church that has taken hold in Europe.

You play as one such Inquisitor in service of The Holy Office - Mordimer Madderdin. Dispatched to the despondent town of Konigstein, you will be tasked with dealing with the various crimes and transgressions of the common folk, all while dealing with an ancient evil that is trying to take root around you.

Use your sleuthing skills to uncover clues, secrets and suspects. Use cunning or threats to get the answers you need. And finally, make the difficult moral judgments to decide the fates of those under your investigation. Will you show mercy for their lapses or will you unleash holy cruelty as is expected by the faith?


Be the Ultimate Holy Judge and Jury – Decide the fates of those under your investigation based on how far or close you want to enforce the rule of this vengeful faith in God.

A Morally Tainted, Non-Linear Tale - This is a dark and gritty story centred around a religion preaching revenge and violence. Multiple branching story choices will test your morality.

Enlightened Sleuthing - Use various unique skills and abilities that allow to solve the various crimes and mysteries that have befallen Konigstein.

Delve into the Unworld - Unbeknownst to others, Mordimer has the divine ability to enter the mysterious Unworld. There he can discover the deeper secrets that suspects hide in their consciences. But a dark force reigns supreme here and will do everything to destroy you for stepping foot into its realm.

Persuasive Interrogations - As an Inquisitor, you have been given free reign to use more questionable methods and tools to get suspects to reveal “the truth”. These optional interrogations date back to the times of the real Inquisition and it’s up to you to decide if and how much force to apply to those under your investigation

Let Your Sword Do the Talking - A full sword combat system means various cases will let or even require you to use brute force.
No date was given on the game's potential release, which means it could be this year, or even 2023. And while it may lack the immediate sheen of some other games of this type, certainly the setup and the above talked about gameplay systems has us a little more than inquisitive on its potential.

(Sorry, not sorry.)

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