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With some audiophiles declaring Sonos as "the next Bose" all eyes are on what the lifestyle-oriented audio brand is doing next. From its popular Bluetooth Roam speakers powering outdoors and on-the-go activities, to a recent partnership with Lorde, it's safe to say Sonos is a brand always on the move and working to remain both relevant and technologically ahead of the pack. And with its upcoming Ray soundbar, releasing worldwide this June, Sonos is looking to flex its cool AF image once again.

That's not part of the official information on Ray, by the way, it's more a reflection of the clean, stylised design of Sonos' soundbars to date, in our own words, which definitely represent the contemporary 'less is more' chic of home-based technology in the modern day.

Billed as an "all-in-one soundbar", the Sonos Ray features "rich, precisely balanced sound" for all forms of entertainment, from music and movies, to all manner of videogames and interactivity.

Here's some of the official wording:
Jam-Packed with power

Experience exceptional clarity and natural, balanced sound from Ray's two high-performance tweeters, a pair of meticulously engineered midwoofers, and proprietary anti-distortion technology.

  • Advanced processing creates a surprisingly wide soundstage and accurately positions elements in the room.

  • Trueplay adapts the sound for the unique acoustics of the room so your content always sounds just the way it should.

  • Connect Ray to virtually any TV with optical output, and use your existing remote to control the sound.

  • Turn on the Speech Enhancement setting in the Sonos app to boost voice frequencies and clarify dialogue.

  • With the Night Sound setting, you can reduce the intensity of loud effects and keep the dialogue clear so you don't disturb anyone else at home.

  • The flat grille and forward-facing acoustics minimise interference from nearby surfaces, so you can place Ray inside a TV stand.
I'm actually really keen to trial the Night Sound setting, as it might prompt my partner to stop watching English-speaking TV with subtitles (it's a sickness, and needs addressing).

The Sonos Ray soundbar is currently slated for release worldwide on June 7. Stay tuned for more as we edge closer to its release and share more on its features and performance.

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