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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:15pm 13/05/22 | 0 Comments
Diablo III released 10 years ago this week, and since that time has gone through a number of changes - most notable the Loot 2.0 reboot that arrived with the Reaper of Souls expansion in 2014. Which took the took the fun action-RPG core of the launch version, removed the Auction House, and added Adventure Mode and Rifts into the mix.

Improving the game in a number of ways - as highlighted in my review from back in the day.

And with Season 26 currently live, playing Diablo III in 2022 is as much fun as it has ever been. The new mechanic of the Season, called Echoing Nightmare, which is a new time-based challenge mode that offers up very cool rewards, is set to become a permanent fixture going forward.

"We have received positive feedback around the Echoing Nightmare and are truly glad to see you’ve enjoyed battling the horrors of Nephalem’s past while gaining experience and powerful loot along the way," writes Blizzard. "Therefore, the Echoing Nightmare will become a permanent feature in Diablo III. Creating challenging, new, and exciting end-game experiences is always top of mind for us, so we’re excited to be keeping this experience around for good."

Nice one. And with Season 26 still running a new mid-season buff of double bounty rewards will remain live from now until the new season ends. And finally, to celebrate 10 years of Diablo III the Blizzard Gear Store has been updated with a new print showcasing the playable classes.

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