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BioWare is working on the next game in the Mass Effect series, an adventure that pick things up after the events of Mass Effect 3. The first teaser trailer for the game debuted back The Game Awards in 2020, where we got a glimpse of what looked like Liara T'Soni. Since then word has been pretty quiet on the development side as BioWare continues to work on Dragon Age 4. But, as part of a 'Mysteries From the Future' lithograph you can purchase, it looks like the return of a major character might have been spoiled.

So yeah, spoiler warning and all that.

The description for the item, which has since been changed (and looks to have been removed entirely) stated, “Shepard's final quest may have ended the threat of the Reapers but at great cost including Earth itself. While Shepard and the survivors are left to pick up the pieces, fans are left wondering what’s next.”

Which, yeah, basically states that Commander Shepard will be in Mass Effect 4. This description was subsequently changed to, “The threat of the Reapers might have been ended, but at great cost including Earth itself. While the survivors are left to pick up the pieces, fans are left wondering what’s next.”

As of now writing there's no description at all. This was all picked up by YouTuber MrHulthen (via VGC), and with the quick change and removal, it certainly sounds like it was an unintended leak. If Commander Shepard is indeed returning, it sounds like Mass Effect 4, or whatever it ends up being called, will see the return of many familiar faces - and crew members.

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