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Whenever a major PC game is released odds are there’s a GeForce Game Ready Driver ready for you to download and install to ensure that performance is as smooth as it can be. Since NVIDIA launched the program back in 2014 it has worked extensively and closely with developers to ensure that PC titles run as best as they can through collaboration and assistance. As part of a new deep dive, we learn exactly how much detail and effort goes into this side of development.

Translation, a lot. And it’s impressive, because the graphics driver is the thing that brings together operating systems, APIs (like DirectX), games, applications, and of course hardware in the form of your GPU. With over 150 Game Ready Driver launches in the span of seven years, and over 400 games supported, NVIDIA notes that in 2022 this equates to over 25 million lines of code in each Game Ready Driver you download.

And with that NVIDIA has released the following deep dive, covering just what goes into creating a Game Ready Driver.

Optimisation is the name of the game, as is lowering system latency and other goodness to ensure frame-rate and frame-times aren’t inadvertently impacted by rogue bugs and system issues. What’s cool is that NVIDIA’s driver development works alongside game development, it’s not something that happens at the very end of the cycle. And this process also includes adding support for cutting edge features like NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex.

“NVIDIA has been close partners of ours for many years,” Billy Khan, Director of Engine Technology, id Software says. “Our tight collaboration throughout the entire game development cycle ensures that Game Ready Drivers are specifically optimised for our games, providing excellent compatibility, stability and performance. With this approach, our players are able to enjoy the best possible gaming experience from Day-0.”

To help with the process NVIDIA has even created a tool called NVIDIA NSIGHT Graphics so that developers can examine every little detail when it comes to rendering graphics.

Not only that but testing and optimising and continuously improving means over 1,000 tests carried out each day across a wide variety of games - both out and still in the works. With so many GPU configurations out there across PC and laptops it’s a miracle games actually run come launch day. This goes to show you that the amount of effort that goes into something as simple as the GeForce Experience Optimal Game Settings feature - comes from a mountain of engineering, testing, and development work.

Yeah, it’s called ‘Game Ready’ for a reason.

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