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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:40pm 21/04/22 | 0 Comments
We're a small team, which can often mean some games get missed in our review manifest, or maybe they just don't come across our desk. And in the case of the recently released Tunic, the latter turned out to be true, and only through the sheer act of a whimsical Game Pass download because it looked Zelda-inspired did we realise "oh shit, we need to review Tunic, and stat!"...

Which is exactly what we did, and I'm glad we even found it the way we did because it anecdotally means the system works.

Here's a snippet:
In my personal early gaming days, my fondest memories centre around playing NES or SNES at my late Nan’s, her sitting next to me acting as game manual maester while we tried to collectively decipher the limited, cryptic particulars of whatever adventure we were on at that time. Every impediment overcome through this teamwork felt Turing-levels of magnitude. Like we’d solved a Diophantine equation and were the only two people on the planet who knew the answer. It was experiences like this that prompted my tilt into this caper as a full-time job, and I cherish every one of those missions I embarked on with her.

Tunic plays with this to a Herculean degree...
Click here for our full Tunic review.

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