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Battlefield 2042's rocky launch is widely recognised as a misfire for the series, and although the player-base (as per Steamcharts) has dropped off dramatically since its debut late last year the development team at DICE is looking to improve the current state of the game one patch at a time. Tomorrow a big one drops, Update 4.0. Which introduces hundreds of fixes and the arrival of voice chat.

VoIP was one of those strange omissions at launch, so it's great to see it finally arrive for Party and Squads. Elsewhere the update will add the revamped scoreboard to End of Round screens, and completely overhaul weapon attachments to make them more useful.

Plus, several changes to Specialists. Here's the overview of a few key changes.
  • With Update 4.0 we’ve overhauled the behavior of many weapon attachments to ensure that their impact when customizing your weapons is unique, and noticeable. Previously, some attachments had effects that were too similar from others, and it was unclear what the impact on your weapons would be when switching between them.

  • Balance adjustments to Specialists such as updated Traits for Rao and Paik, and improvements to Sundance’s Specialty, with a focus on their Anti-Armor Grenades being more effective against targets in their immediate vicinity

  • Vehicle balance changes such as making the M5C Bolte’s passengers easier to target, and a reduction in power for its Missile Launcher

  • Fixes for being unable to ADS after exiting a vehicle, or being unable to revive players near objects

  • Improved Ribbons and XP Events to make them easier to unlock across modes

  • Update 4.0 drops tomorrow with another big patch set to arrive in May. "We’d like to thank you for your patience while we’ve worked to get this update into your hands, and we’re looking forward to your continued feedback once you’ve been able to hop in and play," writes the Battlefield team. "Our next update following this one is presently scheduled to release in May, and is focused on bringing further quality of life updates and bug fixes."

    There are hundreds of changes in this update, covering all aspects of Battlefield 2042. Some of them big, others small. And some fixing some of the strange bugs like, "Fixed players appearing to fly after meleeing water", and "Fixed players entering a downed state after crashing with an air vehicle". Several animation improvements are included too so it'll be interesting to see how much of a difference it all makes.

    Head here for the full Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Patch Notes.

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