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Wizards of the Coast is preparing to release its latest set for Magic: The Gathering on April 29 called Streets of New Capenna, which is all about five crime families vying for control of a bustling and very cool looking city. And with this setting being the Art Deco infused metropolis of New Capenna, there’s a definite BioShock vibe to the look and feel.

And with five crime families that's a whole lot of criminal underbelly action in card form. Here’s the description.
A city built by angels and ruled by demons, New Capenna conceals a crooked underbelly beneath its extravagant parties and classy citizens. Five conniving syndicates feud for control over the supply of “Halo”, a rare resource highly sought after for its material beauty and magic-boosting power. But as the invasion of a bigger threat enters New Capenna, it’s up to Planewalkers Vivien and Elspeth to prevent the conflict between families from boiling into an all-out war.

With a gorgeous city as the backdrop, one beset by crime, players will be able to choose which crime faction to join which will then give them access to a specific mob boss and their unique mechanic. It’s a heady mix of playstyles, with The Obscura family introducing the Connive mechanic which allows players to draw a card and then discard a card. The kicker being if a non-land card is discarded the creature that connived gets a handy +1/+1. Growing in strength. The Maestros crime family mechanic Casualty sacrifices a creature to copy any spell, and the Riveteers offer up Blitz to create a fast-paced card draw when played early. Very cool.

Head here to get a detailed breakdown of all five crime family mechanics.

With 281 cards ontrack for release, today we’re taking a look at one of them - Tainted Indulgence. An Instant card which includes some wonderful art by Inka Schulz that serves to highlight its ghastly purpose.


Draw two cards. The discard a card unless there are five or more mana values among cards in your graveyard.

One for the graveyard focused strategies out there, which will probably be a lot considering New Capenna is a hot-bed for crime. A place where you don't want to end up sleeping near fish.

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