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Dying Light 2 Stay Human developer Techland has taken to social media to confirm that New Game+ will arrive as part of the next major update/patch to the game set to arrive later this month. According to the studio it will be "one of the biggest patches we've released so far", and will include many fixes to the game.

Covering both singe-player and multiplayer.

Full Patch Notes will arrive once the update goes live.

This marks the next step in continued support for Dying Light 2, which will be a thing for many years to come. As per our recent chat with Tymon Smektała of Techland, the team has "Dying Light 2 Stay Human in 2027 envisioned already”.

"We announced five years (of content) because we have plans for five years," Tymon told us. "As you can imagine, how precise those plans are and how detailed they are depends on if we are talking about the next year, or what will happen in the fifth year. The first two years are quite detailed; the first year is basically all planned out at this point. The second year too, but there's still some space. The fifth year is broader, but we have a clear idea of where we want to take the game."

That said, things like New Game+ are a direct result of listening to the community, something the team will factor in as Dying Light 2 evolves.

"Part of our methodology is to listen very closely to what players have to say," Tymon added. "Even in the plans that I mentioned, we still have milestone checks and key timeframes where we will look at the plans to tweak them and change them if a need arises. Plans for the first year, and maybe the second year as well too, experiment with different themes. More linear, narrative content, gameplay content, cosmetic stuff, things based on challenging players, community events. Very different things mixed together and put on a timeframe. We did that on purpose because we want to listen to what players have to say; what works for them, what doesn't work for them. What kind of content do they prefer?”

dying light 2techlandnew game pluspatch

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