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id Software's Doom (1993) is an all-timer, a landmark FPS release and one of the most influential PC games to ever hit 'C:>GAMES\' DOS folders the world over. A new mod called 'PrBoom' adds full ray-traced lighting to the game, much like the impressive Quake II RTX release from NVIDIA.

It's a complete transformation, making corridors dark and atmospheric, the green glow of toxic liquid look all glow-y, and adds impressive lighting to muzzle-flashes. Check it out.

With support for both DLSS and FSR, it's also possible to hit stable 60-fps+ frame-rates on a wide range of hardware. Which is a strange thing to say about a game from 1993. But hey, full ray-traced lighting is incredibly taxing no matter the game. The difference again, is night-and-day compared to the original release with ray-tracing adding quite a bit of atmosphere to each and every level. Walking down a darkened corridor and then seeing an Imp light up as they send a fireball your way is awesome.

Head here to grab PrBoom.

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