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Codemasters takes a page from the cinematic documentary style of the popular Netflix racing series with the story mode found in Grid Legends. Pair that with arcade-style racing across many different types of cars and trucks and AI that wants nothing more than to slam you into a barrier and there's a lot to like about this latest track-racer.

Though, it doesn't quite come together. As Adrian Haas found out in our review.
Grid Legends contains a great selection of tracks. This wasn't obvious at first, as most of the initial racing season was spent on small, tight and generally unmemorable urban tracks. No Circuit de Monaco or Long Beach here. After reaching a certain point in the story the tracks really open up and become immensely more enjoyable, with vast sweeping turns, technical chicanes, and even some challenging mountainside switchbacks. Not every track is a winner of course, but there's sufficient variety to keep you coming back, if only to definitively conquer the mountain at Bathurst's Mount Panorama. Fantastic inclusion right there.

Netflix's Drive to Survive series is quite obviously the primary inspiration for the story mode in Grid Legends, and has been lovingly cloned with a mix of driver and crew interviews, and fly-on-the-wall 'candid' exposition scenes spread across 36 episodes chapters. Unlike Netflix's excellent production, Grid Legends' documentary fails to engage the viewer in any meaningful way, mostly due to the ersatz racing teams and their entirely unknown owners and drivers. The hyperbolic, factitious 'drama' between the superficial characters certainly doesn't help. And thanks to the less than stellar writing, by the end of the story I didn't care who these aggressively one-dimensional people were, or the shallow motivations behind their actions.

Our Full Grid Legends Review

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