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Puzzle Quest is one of those classic mobile-style games that also became a hit during the Xbox 360's 'Xbox Live Arcade' era. It blended the classic match-three mechanics of Bejeweled-style puzzle games with action-RPG mechanics like classes, loot, and leveling. Puzzle Quest 3 is available now on Steam as an Early Access release, and it's free-to-play too. A triumphant return of a classic? Not really.

Master strategic match-3 combat in Puzzle Quest 3, the all-new installment to the globally renowned puzzle-RPG franchise. Prepare yourself for an epic journey across Etheria, a dangerous fantasy realm filled with enemies to conquer and loyal allies to recruit.

Explore mythical dungeons, uncover valuable loot, and unlock epic gear as you embark on a brand-new epic storyline to become the next Puzzle Quest legend.

On paper it sounds great, but its current Review status on Steam is 'Mostly Negative'. Granted there aren't a tonne of reviews up for this yet, on the account of it being brand-new, but most are pointing to the monetisation elements as feeling like a cash-grab.

"I have loved the Puzzle Quest series," writes Steam user Corpselocker. "I like all the matching adjacent games as well. This game, while in early access (but full access for iOS), is clunky. I was also worried about the free-to-play elements. It wasn't an hour in before I wasn't able to access loot from kills and be barraged by purchases."

"An otherwise good game tarnished by terrible progression mechanics, designed to keep you playing," writes Soltanis. "The tropes are all there, timed lock boxes for progression, currency that can be purchased with a pass. Purchasable packs to aid your play time along with the nag screens and flashy graphics to annoy you."

HCFREAK's review probably sums it up best, "Imagine everything wrong with mobile gaming, combined into this... and there you have it. Puzzle Quest 3."

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