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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:15am 24/02/22 | 10 Comments
It's been the talk of the town ever since it was revealed, and we've been all over it thanks to our resident Souls-like genre and From Software expert, Joab Gilroy. But in taking on review duties its been revealed that the game is too big for the review period which he's been afforded ahead of embargo, and so today we present to you instead, a review in progress.

Here's a snippet:
The good, however, especially if you're a Dark Souls fan, is everything else. I mean everything. Because it's an open-world Dark Souls game. It's a Souls approach to an open-world, too, where the landmarks don't show up until you've actually visited them — and a map that won't show up until you've literally found a map piece.

The bosses are fantastic, and while I think George R. R. Martin's impact amounts to a few 'ye olde' word choices, the storytelling is surprisingly coherent. There's a wonderful throughline to it that you can follow, and while the game itself doesn't breadcrumb players all that well, the story carries its weight in that regard.

The variety is pure Dark Souls. I mentioned my colleagues' builds, but we barely scraped the surface of what was possible. Faith-based miracles are there, with all the classics showing up, but so are "God-slayer" incantations and "Dragon" incantations. Sorceries too, with I assume many varieties — but I never got to see them all because I accidentally killed the person who sells them.
Click here for our in-depth Elden Ring review in progress.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:51am 24/2/22
downloading in readiness to play tomorrow

finally ps5 games!
Posted 08:12pm 24/2/22
so its not full MMO?
You can only multiplay when you play bosses?
Posted 08:24pm 24/2/22
That's correct rrrocket, it's not an MMO. I wouldn't say 'only when you play bosses' but coop is restricted to certain areas, definitely.
Posted 03:44pm 25/2/22
Thanks Joaby

getting mixed reviews on steam....
Posted 09:56am 27/2/22
You can only multiplay when you play bosses?

its a souls game. plays the same.
Posted 10:52am 27/2/22
Had to turn online off. All the stupid messages everywhere and ghosts running around was annoying the f*** outa me. Do most souls players play with that on?
Posted 11:49am 27/2/22
Posted 10:44am 02/3/22
this game sounds interesting but more like hard work
Posted 12:09pm 02/3/22
its a souls game. its a lot more than hard work.

my kids playing it, looks great and as hes an experienced souls guy, hes cruising through it.
Posted 10:22pm 02/3/22

I've switched to invading, as I've beaten all the bosses (I can find anyway)

This move is gonna land me some primo real estate in Hell.


Such a d*** move. He was about 15m from the bonfire. That bonfire will let him do the boss fight that earns you the sword I used to kill him too lol. That said, the boss (Malenia, Blade of Miquella) is probably one of the toughest solo fights in any Souls game ever -- for a melee player, anyway.

It's even harder in coop (with both Melee) because she heals every time she strikes either of you. You need perfect coordination, or else you're better off doing it solo.

Unless you've got a summon that can stunlock her, that is. Like this. https://streamable.com/i15ycm

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