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In Assassin's Creed Valhalla we've been everywhere and done near everything. From establishing a settlement in England as a wantaway Norwegion tribe of Vikingr, to attempting to thwart the fates as the All Father Odin in Asgard, Ubisoft's viking epic has transcended the AC brand, and then some.

With yet more time to play out though, the title is set for arguably its biggest expansion to date, with Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök. And we were lucky enough to preview the game as well as chat with its creative director, Mikhail Lozanov.

Here's a snippet:
You won’t be locked out of being able to enjoy Sofia’s efforts if you’ve straggled on the base game and all other expanded Valhalla offerings, despite the expansion itself being positioned as endgame-style content. Dawn of Ragnarök will offer players the chance to boost stats and levels inside the expansion in order to enjoy it. And as an entirely new adventure set within the mythological realms of Valhalla, this extensive slice of DLC is an equally good departure from what players like myself, with over 300 hours into the whole product at this point, have been refamiliarising ourselves with since the vanilla release back in 2020. It’s a departure Sofia is incredibly proud of, but one that was born from fully embracing the source material.

“I think we managed to find a very good way to tell this story and to be exciting and to be mysterious,” Mikhail enthuses. “And there are surprises… of course, since this is a story of Odin from 80,000 years ago, before total catastrophe (Ragnarök) ... when we look at this [mythological] layer, there will be some exciting [things] for the most demanding and dedicated players.

"In terms of gameplay, the mission for the expansion was to expand gameplay possibilities to help you engage with challenges and with the world in a… refreshed way,” he continues. “Still preserving Valhalla and what you love about the (base) game, but since, you know, you’ve played for 300 hours, [we wanted to][ refresh the ways you play. And not only with combat and not only with stealth and not only in exploration but in all directions."
Click here for our full Dawn of Ragnarok interview and preview feature.

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