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And it features gear inspired by the game's PK, or Peacekeepers, and not an obscure gum designed to stave off the allyl methyl sulfide effect of consumption of Allium Sativum.

It's also the very first stop on a lengthy pre-planned roadmap of post-release updates and content the studio has committed the next five years to.

Here's what this first of three initial skin packs offers PK-aligned or leaning punters:
Bring law and order back to The City and enforce the rules with the Authority pack, coming in three parts as free DLC. Collect all three parts to get a full outfit and a unique hammer.

The first part (available from today) contains:
  • Intimidating Jacket—Put on this jacket and fight for justice!
  • Intimidating Cargo Pants—They'll hold everything you'll need to enforce the law.
  • Intimidating High-tops—Stand up for what's right with these unique high-tops.

The second part (available Feb. 16) will contain:
  • Intimidating Gauntlets—These may not restore law and order in a flash, but they'll definitely make it easier.
  • Intimidating Windbreaker—Bring down the rule breakers with this windbreaker.
  • Intimidating Leather Guards—Use these leather guards to help you keep the peace.

The third part (available Feb. 18) will bring:
  • The two-handed Authority hammer—With this in your arsenal, they'd better follow the rules.
As highlighted, this is just the first of loads of planned content, and skins are just the beginning. A Ronin pack will follow the PK-inspired gear (as something of a Survivor faction tilt).

In case you missed it, here's our definitive review of the base product, where we cite the game's extensive and incredibly in-depth arsenal of parkour moves, coupled alongside the design of the game's massive playspaces, all freerunning-friendly, as reason enough to buy into this latest Z-drama.
"For mine it is an incredibly rewarding game that has the best parkour ever seen or experienced in games, and the playground to match it. Plus the zombies. So many (awesome) zombies.
Of course, as with any massive game of this nature, as we've seen most recently with Cyberpunk 2077, updating, fixing and reinvigorating have become an unfortunate par for the course. Which is to say, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is still ironing out its many kinks and bugs, but with a five year plan, at least know and understand that balance, as Frank would remind you, dear Nightrunner, is the absolute key to success.

The new DLC needs to be redeemed via your respective platform's store and not in-game.

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