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You'd honestly think that with the selling point of "badass post-apocalyptic hero, Aloy, takes on giant robot dinosaurs in a stunning open-world", there wouldn't need to be much more than that said. But as with anything seemingly simple, it's anything but, and as we've spent the better part of the past few weeks deep in Aloy's world, for a second time around, her new journey in Horizon Forbidden West has turned out to be anything but a walk-up winner.

Here's a snippet:
In a way Horizon Forbidden West is a game of two halves never quite coming together, one is all about the story and Aloy’s journey as a hero with the other being a game of hunting, survival, and crafting new gear to survive a harsh open-world overridden by dino-bots. Taking the time to properly dig into the latter offers moments of brilliance, and discovery. Hunting in particular is about learning machine behaviour, and with excellent art direction, animation, and sound design, as there’s machine individuality beyond simple archetype...
Click here for our full Horizon Forbidden West review.

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