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Unknown Worlds, the talented team behind the excellent Subnautica: Below Zero are cooking up something new with the working title of Project M. As per the latest financial report from the studio's parent company Krafton (who are also the parent company of PUBG Corporation) it's on track for an Early Access release on PC and mobile later this year.

And it's set to be something of a departure. Details are a little light, but it's being described as "a turn-based strategy game set in a Sci-Fi world" being created with a Blizzard-style ‘Easy-to-Learn, Hard-to-Master’ philosophy. Interestingly it's also "aiming to be a game that is fun to watch others play".

Here's some early art.

Turn-based strategy is an interesting genre to be sure, so it's cool to see that Unknown Worlds are designing what could be seen as a more "hardcore" or "niche" style of game as something anyone can pick up and play. Launching on PC and mobile though has us wondering what sort of key differences there will be between versions. Unknown Worlds has a great track record, going all the way back to the Natural Selection mod for Half-Life 2 in 2002. Subnautica no doubt put the studio on the map in a big way, and with Krafton acquiring them last year no doubt Project M and its potential played a role in that decision.

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