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With its improved visuals, support for higher resolutions and frame-rates, NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex, God of War brings the PlayStation classic to PC with style and brilliance to spare.
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God of War first made its debut on PlayStation, where in the space of a few weeks it quickly made its way into several game of the year discussions. Not long after that talks expanded to it being a potential game of the decade. An instant classic, and a defining release for the PlayStation 4.

All of this makes its 2022 PC debut something of a major milestone. It’s not “just a port”, what you’ve got here is the most cinematic version of the game to date. Not only do you get to play with a keyboard-and-mouse combo on top of a controller, but you’re treated to a suite of visual updates that make God of War as brilliant to play now as it was upon initial release. Even more so when experienced on a GeForce RTX powered rig.

From a checklist perspective it's a big one; 4K rendering, uncapped frame-rates, ultrawide display support, higher resolution shadows, improved reflections, and high-end ambient occlusion techniques like GTAO and SSDO. Crisper, more vibrant, and packed with detail. Throw in NVIDIA DLSS rendering and Reflex support and all of this adds to the immersion you feel as you explore and fight your way through the various realms of Norse mythology. Make no mistake about it, God of War is one of the most immersive cinematic experiences you’re likely to, well, experience.

Our Deep Dive Into the PC Version of God of War

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