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We thoroughly enjoy our skate culture gaming here at AusGamers. Action sports, too. But skating games are extra special because the activity that is skateboarding is a transcendent one. And in gaming we see that diversity reflected in its myriad digital representations. Not everything is about Tony Hawk or the X-Games. With that in mind, today we present to you a skating game that embraces skateboarding with a difference -- OlliOlli World from the aptly-titled team at Roll7.

Here's an excerpt from our review:
Oh, I should probably mention there’s a bit of a story here, too. OlliOlli World’s skating epic features your climb to status, deified. You see, this game-world is governed by five Skate Godz. Skaters who’ve shed their mortal coil, transcended material transition for ethereal kickers and exist outside the laws of normality. These cats are the real deal, but what the game readily explains is that they, too, were once like you -- up and coming and raw. A talent for the ages not seen since… well, since the last of the Godz ascended. And along for the ride is your Radlandia cheer squad. A ragtag group of skatniks who fill in the lore of the world of Radlandia for you, while also offering tutorial on the game’s mechanics as well as serving as Challenge prophets, to maintain a theme. And it’s fun. OlliOlli World’s story isn’t necessary or even required. It’s purely aesthetic and entirely skippable, but it’s fun. But when it’s applied in reason to the charm this review has lauded, it becomes something more.
Click here for our full OlliOlli World review.

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