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Featuring a chicken names Fink as its marketing protagonist as well, swinging an unwieldy sword... what's not to love?

Super Dungeon Maker is literally as its title suggests, a dungeon maker inspired by classic crawlers of the past such as The Legend of Zelda, where creators have an enormous set of tools at their fingertips to truly flex their dungeon-crafting wings.

And it's Steam-bound in Early Access form this month (Prologue available now) -- February 15. Here's a dropdown menu on what to expect:
In Super Dungeon Maker, you will design and create your very own pixel art-style dungeons of varying themes and difficulties, then share them with the community. Creativity knows no bounds here, as you can use as many levels, enemies, items, and bosses in your dungeon creations as you wish. Once you’ve hit a “creative block” worry not — you can play a near-infinite number of imaginative, clever dungeons made by other creators from all over the world while leveraging competitive statistics like World Record Time and Completion Rates.

Key Features of Super Dungeon Maker Include:
  • DM Extraordinaire: In the dungeon, your creative prowess is limitless; place as many enemies, floors, secret paths, perilous traps, special items, and hidden objects as your heart desires. Just remember: the reward makes it worthwhile, but the challenge is what keeps them coming back.

  • A Dungeon of Pure Imagination: With so many ways to customize dungeons, there’s no telling where you’ll get swept off to! Careful dungeon design means not only well-placed traps and enemies, but enchanting environments, too! Choose between dungeon biomes like forest, desert, and castle — or even complex combinations of them all!

  • Accessible Adventuring: Unlike other level editors and sandbox games with significant learning curves, Super Dungeon Maker is optimized for both controller and mouse + keyboard play, making it easy for anyone of any skill level to jump in and start creating. Its simplistic UI and easy-to-learn instructions make Super Dungeon Maker an easy choice for fledgling creators and pro designers alike.

  • Dungeons Anonymous: Once you’ve unleashed your deadly dungeons upon the world, it’s advised to collect feedback from your victims…erm…players…in order to perfect them and keep them of the highest quality. Earn a reputation and keep adventurers coming back to your divine creations!
In addition to coming to Steam, the game (app?) will also find its way onto Switch later this year.

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