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With Dying Light 2 on PC set to be a showcase for RTX technology - as it features a suite of ray-tracing effects covering global illumination, reflections, and shadows. Which also means full support for DLSS rendering to improve performance.

With the highly anticipated game launching this week the GeForce Game Ready 511.65 arrives just in time to make the following a reality for those with the ability to go RTX On.

The new driver also adds support for the upcoming release of the martial-arts spectacle Sifu which is shaping up to be one of the most interesting game releases in an already stacked Games of February 2022.

It's not all RTX and new game action as the new driver also adds support for the latest GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti laptop GPUs laptop GPUs. The RTX 3080 Ti offers up 16GB of DDR6 memory, which is impressive. This new driver also ushers in the arrival of 4th Generation Max-Q Technologies. A suite of features covering things like Whisper Mode, Battery Boost, CPU Optimizer, DLSS, and more.

Here's a breakdown of the new stuff in 4th Generation Max-Q Technologies.

CPU Optimizer

On laptops, power is shared between the GPU and CPU. CPU efficiency is critical for maximizing performance. So we developed a CPU Optimizer. We’ve worked with CPU vendors to create a new, low-level framework enabling the GPU to further optimize performance, temperature, and power of next gen CPUs. As a result, CPU efficiency is improved and power is shifted between the GPU and CPU, wherever it is needed most, for higher gaming performance.

Rapid Core Scaling

For creators and students who rely on compute heavy apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, Blender, or Matlab, we’ve developed Rapid Core Scaling. It enables the GPU to sense the real-time demands of the application and use only the cores it needs rather than all of them. This frees up power that can be used to run the active cores at higher frequencies delivering up to 3x more performance for intensive creative work while on battery.

Battery Boost 2.0

On top of great performance, laptop gamers also want more battery life when gaming unplugged. Battery Boost 2.0 has been totally re-architected. Now AI controls the whole platform, finding the optimal balance of GPU & CPU power usage, battery discharge, image quality, and frame rates. And all in real time. The result is great playability on battery, with up to 70% more battery life.

Again, very cool stuff - especially on the battery front. Expect to see this in all of the major gaming laptops coming this year from Lenovo, Alienware, MSI, ASUS, Razer, and others.

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