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Nobody Saves the World is a new action-RPG from the indie studio behind the popular Guacamelee! series. Where that was a fun riff on the Metroidvania genre this time you've got a top-down action-RPG. And a pretty awesome one at that, with Nobody presenting a fun, funny, and endlessly charming adventure.

One that rewards creativity and experimentation.
Played solo or in two-player co-op (online only sadly), Nobody Saves the World’s hook, line, and genius lies with how transforming into various Forms leads to diverse builds and play style opportunities you can call on in an instant. The sort of setup where experimentation and clever combat-infused puzzles go hand in hand. One example sees you equipping a horse with a zombie-bite move and a rat’s poison passive to carve up foes and watch them melt away. Alternatively you can equip the zombie with the horse-form’s speed-charge to plough through groups.

Covering things like a rat, an egg, a zombie, a run-of-the-mill fantasy fighter, an arrow-firing ranger, a magician (the rabbit-out-of-a-hat and card-based kind), and even a robot, each Form comes equipped with its own skills and passive abilities unlocked and improved upon based on how much time you put in and what you feel gels. And for every fireball or lightning zap there’s something out of left-field, funny, and cool to sit alongside it.

Each Form is fun to play with, genuinely funny in its characterisation, and well animated to boot. There’s enough depth here for each of the 15 Forms to carry their own game, if the need were to arise.

Our Full Nobody Saves the World Review

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