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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:57pm 21/01/22 | 1 Comments
Although Steam only accounts for a portion of Battlefield 2042's overall player-base across Origin and console, current tracking puts 2042's popularity less than that of Battlefield V -- with its Steam community dropping by 90% since launch. The reason? Well, be sure to check out our massive in-depth review to understand why.

This is worth highlighting before we get to news about the return of the highly requested (and series staple) scoreboard next month. The feedback for this seemingly win-win announcement has been mixed at best. Instead of following what Battlefield and other shooters have done for decades - splitting the scoreboard by team - DICE is mixing it up with a single scoreboard.

DICE notes that the above is a work in progress and subject to change based on feedback. Which means it probably will change before its debut next month.

Battlefield 2042's launch has been a rocky one to say the least and so far outside of stability and a few other notable changes it's probably best if EA and DICE outline a roadmap for what to expect. Since launching last year the game's first 'Season' of content has yet to commence, and DICE is still working on adding VOIP sometime in the future. The PvPvE co-op mode Hazard has been something of a bust, whereas on the other end of the spectrum the impressive Portal mode looks to be suffering on the account of the low player count.

With that the future for 2042 feels pretty much up in the air, which is strange for a game that came out in November. And for a game where new maps, Specialists and other things have been teased.

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Posted 07:20pm 21/1/22
What a colossal stuff up of a game...about on par with BF1 and while it has more players than Battlefield 4....not really THAT much more. They should refund everyone.
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