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Which will see the arrival of new locations, more story, in-game events and items. Developer Techland took to Twitter to make the announcement, where it proudly proclaims that players can expect five years of post-launch content for Dying Light 2.

Post-launch content and roadmaps for games are somewhat expected in 2022, and with that we should be getting details on the planned first year of support for Dying Light 2 in the coming weeks. The talk of five years is good news, as Techland has been supporting the original Dying Light for many years now with expansions, new events, and goodies for players to discover.

The talk of more story and new locations here all but confirm that Dying Light 2 will receive a major expansion in the future. Dying Light 2 Stay Human is out February 4.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:24pm 18/1/22
I genuinely love this. And have made the point over a number of years where open-world games are concerned.

If you build such a large and dynamic playground, especially one that proves popular, you should be able to continue to populate it with new content. Red Dead and GTA V were games I saw missing this opp, and while people can say there's Red Dead Online, it's not the same -- I'd rather single-player options and content. And in DL2, as we saw with DL1, they'll likely do this but also with opt-in co-op in mind.

Anyway, definitely behind this move, kudos, Techland
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