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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:34pm 11/01/22 | 0 Comments
This past weekend Techland made a social media post stating that fully completing Dying Light 2 Stay Human would take about 500 hours. This caused quite a stir and a number of conversations amongst the community and industry about the length of open world games. Today we've got clarification on Dying Light 2's length in terms of stats.

As per the headline, Dying Light 2's main story or campaign will provide roughly 20 hours of gameplay - more or less. Described as a "focused playthrough" this is sticking to the golden path and experiencing the game's story.

For those getting immersed in the world, completing all side quests, and engaging with characters, that number jumps up to 80 hours. Techland describes the world as complex and vertical - with large buildings available to explore in full. Compared to the original Dying Light, Techland notes that 30 hours was the time it took to complete the main story and side quests there.

So then, where does the 500 hours come into the picture? Well, if you've played an immersive open-world RPG with action and choice there's a lot you can do. As we've seen in Fallout games, The Witcher, or even something like Red Dead Redemption 2 - seeing it all takes time. So if you're planning to visit every zombie infested locale, experience all of the different endings, find every secret and collectible, and listen to every conversation Techland notes that it was internal QA testing that revealed that it would take about 500 hours in total.

And with that clarification out of the way we can all go back to focusing on the game itself - which is shaping up to be one of the biggest releases of 2022. In the coming weeks we can expect to hear more about Techland's post-launch plans for Dying Light 2 in addition to a deep dive into co-op and previous-gen console gameplay as part of this week's Dying 2 Know - which will be the final episode.

It's set to stream over at twitch.tv/techland this Friday at 7am AEDT.

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