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When it comes to game storage, you can never truly have enough. And it's not just the sheer volume of games now, but the digital sizes of them. Added content, regular updates and more keep ongoing titles stretched, while new games come packaged with features and technical improvements up the wazoo, meaning the size of them is sometimes in the 100GB-plus range, out of the digital, proverbial box.

Never fear, however, as storage experts are on the case, offering up a plethora of solutions for all your needs, Western Digital included, which is who brings us here today.

And we're gearing up to that time of year when the shame pile, or even gaming Xmas gifts, start to fill up any cavities you might have across your multiple storage options, leaving you realising you probably need more. The WD_Black SN750 SE SSD is a gaming solution designed specifically for the above, and we've run it through its gaming paces.

Here's a slice from our review:
Optimal performance with Gen4 compatibility makes this SSD an excellent addition to any memory card collection, but capping in at 1TB means you need to weigh up your options and while it is Gen4 compatible, its speeds are Gen3 -- a distinction the box doesn’t wholly relay. There are more expensive, expansive options out there, even from Western Digital’s own livery if you engage in a brand loyalty program, but this is essentially a standalone purchase locking you into yesteryear write and read caps, capped at 1TB with the two preceding sizes before it.

For the purposes of gaming, this is a fairly straightforward drive...
Click here for our full WD_Black SN750 SE SSD review.

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