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And for those who have yet to play Ubisoft's highly enjoyable open-world multi-sports-but-really-bikes-are-the-way-to-go offering, Riders Republic, "Riders Ridge" refers to the game's main hub, which in this latest update brings both a festive spirit to the place, as well as new vehicles, gear, animations, events and more.

Players of Assassin's Creed Valhalla will know how Ubi handles Holiday-related updates, but just in case, here's Santa's manifest for all the kids who've been good this year (a hard task given just how trying it's been):
To celebrate the holiday season, players can enjoy Riders Ridge decorated in festive holiday colors and the sparkle of New Year's Eve. During the holiday festivities, players can participate in exclusive challenges, earn themed-rewards and experience new twists during mass races. Winter Bash also brings a new in-game sponsor, SPECIALISED, offering daily contracts and rewards.

In addition, the new X Games live event will run from January 14 to January 19. During this time, players can shred through new themed Shack Daddy weekly challenges and earn exclusive X Games rewards including a jacket and snowboard.

Year 1 Pass owners will also get early access to this season’s two exotic kits and can redeem the Winter cosmetic bundle, which includes a new legendary outfit. The first exotic kit to drop will be the Jumbo Bike and will be available to purchase for all players in the second week of the season. Players can get the Year 1 Pass with the Gold or Ultimate Edition of Riders Republic, or as a standalone purchase.
Winter Bash is up now on your platform of choice and is worth a roughly 15gb download. It'll also run from now right through into March 21, 2022.

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