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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:38am 09/12/21 | 0 Comments
Amidst the chaos and overbearing shadow of the the world of Triple-A, it can be easy to overlook the smaller games that still make up a massive part of the industry. Some more legacy than others, too. Such is the case with Telltale's Sam & Max -- stalwart characters fighting a seemingly endless run of hard luck and good leads.

The pair's Time and Space adventure, now more than a decade old, is now available in remastered form across PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

And it won't set you back much either, nestling into respective marketplaces at around $30 dollarydoos. Here's a bit of official information about the game:
Join the Freelance Police on a bizarre adventure from the North Pole to the Fountain of Youth, from outer space to Hell and back. Zombies will dance. Mariachis will sing. A giant battle robot will trash the streets. And when their friends' lives are on the line, Sam & Max will risk their very souls to set things right.
Honestly, if this series is new to you, do yourself a favour and leave the busted Halo ring for a minute to give this a go -- you'll get a laugh out of it if nothing else, but these titles are so charming and wonderfully written, chances are you'll get way more out of them than you might think. If you're not new to them, well, just jump in for the nostalgia trip to be reminded of less complicated times.

Check out the Remnastered trailer embedded below.

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