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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:25pm 19/11/21 | 2 Comments
After our massive in-progress review we're back with our final (for now) word on Battlefield 2042. A tale of SMGs and heartbreak, of hovercrafts riding up buildings, and the staple Conquest mode now feeling like an afterthought.

A snippet from Nathan Lawrence's all-out encompassing review.
Unfortunately the whole upping the player count on PC and next-gen consoles, from 64 to 128 players, hasn’t added anything to Conquest. Plus, it feels painfully unbalanced in Breakthrough. In Conquest, having that many players never felt like you were battling more players than previous Battlefields. The sheer increase in map-size is a factor, making it hard to get around as an infantry main, not to mention the overall look being a mix of bland and sterile art direction. Vehicles are more important than ever, but trying to call one in fails more than it works. This leads to long stretches of sprinting between points and, likely, getting cleaned up by roaming hovercrafts.

Vehicles are overpowered, which is heightened by the arduous loading speed of the only AT launcher in the game. The hovercraft is chief among those. Coupled with physics exploits that let hovercraft drivers literally blitz up the side of a building as well as questionable hit registration with explosives (hell, with every weapon), and fighting vehicles is more of a chore than something fun. Admittedly, the focus on hovercrafts is intermittently fun while on-board, but it’s also outright weird.

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Sounds like it needed another 12 months before release
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Absolutely, Hunter!
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