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The D-Link COVR-X1872 Dual Band Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System is great, it's easy to setup and the Wi-Fi 6 speeds cover a large area. That and the whole Mesh setup means a single network that you can as more nodes to or re-arrange. It's also great for high-bandwidth use too -- namely gaming. Which is what we discovered in our review.

A snippet.
Being able to set up a new router without typing question after question into Google is a definite plus. With the concept of the WiFi Mesh system being one of no fuss once it’s all up and running, it’s great that the D-Link COVR system applies that to the installation process with what is easily one of the easiest bits of tech to get going. Through a dedicated smart-phone app the setup process is one with clear steps and on-screen prompts, with the result being fast WiFi minutes after connecting your NBN modem to the first COVR node. Most of it is basically waiting for the COVR to do its backend thing.

For this review of the D-Link COVR AX1800 system we installed two nodes (which offers up WiFi 6 coverage of up to 510 square metres) inside a rather long town-house. The sort of home where once you got past the first couple of rooms being able to get a WiFi signal comes down to the quality of the WiFi in the device trying to connect.

It’s worth noting that the difference between the standard WiFi Router supplied by an NBN ISP and even just a single D-Link COVR AX1800 is night and day. Same-room devices will not only make full use of your actual internet speed but by using WiFi 6 the same high-bandwidth covers a wide area.

Our Full D-Link COVR-X Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System Review

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