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Watching the overview trailer for Deep Rock Galactic's Season 01: Rival Incursion update coming on November 4 put nothing but a big fat smile on my face. As per my review from last year, I love it. To the point where I'd gladly talk Deep Rock for hours, to try and convince you that it's one of the best co-op games ever made.

And with the development team at Ghost Ship Games taking its time with the latest content drop -- we now know why. It's a big one. Not only is each class getting game changing new primary weapons, but there's a very cool new mission type involving a rival corporation, robots, and hacking. In addition to the introduction of Seasons and a new progression system. Which in spirit of the game, is entirely free. The Performance Pass offers tonnes of new cosmetic goodies to unlock. Including new beards.

Check it all out below.

We're proud to announce our biggest update thus far - Season 01: Rival Incursion. Yes, that's right, we are, for now, moving to do themed Seasons instead of just Updates. Season 01 includes four new primary weapons, a new challenging boss-fight mission, and we're introducing a major new addition to the game: the Performance Pass - our take on a 100% FREE Battle Pass.

For us here at Ghost Ship, this feels like a significant moment, almost akin to how we felt launching into 1.0 last year. To celebrate this and to showcase all the cool new features and concepts, we've put together this 6 minutes long trailer narrated by Mission Control himself.


The addition of the Performance Pass is to offer a regular cadence of cosmetics that are accessible to both new and long-standing players, as well as expand on the reasons to keep on mining - we gotta meet those quotas, Miners!

The Performance Pass contains 100 levels of free unlocks for you to pursue - from tokens called Scrips that allow you to pick and choose from a Cosmetic Tree, to satchels of Credits and crafting materials, to brand-new Victory Moves, and even a FULL set of new Weapon Frameworks for every gun in the game - including the four new ones.

The update is set to hit Steam on November 4 and Xbox/Xbox Game Pass on November 18.

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