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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:09pm 15/10/21 | 1 Comments
Alienware is one of the most recognised brands in PC gaming and is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary -- it’s very first desktop PC goes all the way back to 1996. And yeah, if you were gaming back in the day you can be sure it was a beige beast capable of all sorts of VGA goodness. Fast forward to today and Alienware is a name known for its PC across desktops, gaming laptops, displays, and peripherals. And it’s going back to its roots thanks to the new Alienware Aurora.

Which features 360-style design and for the first-time a fully transparent side panel so you can see all of the RGB insides glow care of AlienFX lighting. Right down to the motherboard which features eight unique lighting zones. Of course lighting is a small part of the story here, with the new Legend 2.0 chassis creating 50% more open space inside to drastically improve air-flow. Throw in liquid cooling, four system fans, and the new Aurora is sounding like a pretty solid build contained within the stylish Alienware design.

Here’s the design breakdown. And in the era of custom builds more often than not being far more efficient than branded pre-builds it all sounds fantastic.
  • Designed from the inside-out, components are laid out in perfect harmony enabling performance, easy upgrades, and optimized acoustics.
  • Features up to 4x 120mm fans in our highest end configurations.
  • Our evolved chassis is effectively delivering 1.5x the internal volume compared to Aurora R12 or R10.
  • Compared to its predecessor, while running at idle, the Alienware Aurora ranges from 13% to 16% quieter depending on the configuration selected with available CPU liquid cooling.
  • During CPU intensive tasks the new Aurora is up to 9% quieter than its predecessor. While overclocked with 175W devoted to the CPU, the new Aurora is up to 13% quieter.
  • CPU temperatures have been recorded at up to 3% lower when comparing the new Alienware Aurora to its predecessor when both had CPU liquid cooling, and both were served the same 160W of power.
  • Graphics performance increased by 5% using the same NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card while running 3DMark TimeSpy graphics score tests when compared to the predecessor Aurora R12.
  • Our AlienFX customizable lighting capabilities have doubled. The previous Aurora R12 desktop contained a maximum of 4 externally facing lighting zones. The next generation of Aurora will support up to 8 lighting zones including various internal ambient and traditional lighting capabilities.
  • An optional, scratch-resistant, and EMI shielded clear side panel will become available for the first time on all Alienware Auroras, globally.
  • We’ve introduced a custom motherboard that places power connections towards the edges to eliminate any chance of airflow obstruction and eliminates the need for a daughter board for front I/O to reduce internal wiring needs. Each USB port has direct leads into the core architecture.
  • Motherboard power connectors have all been positioned towards the boundary of the motherboard to reduce cable clutter and promote airflow. A meticulous cable routing system has been designed along the right side of the chassis to manage any service or upgrades over time with mechanically isolated cables.

  • Pricing, models, and availability are TBC. But as we wait for more info we’ll leave you with this look back at past Alienware desktop PCs.

    Here’s to another 25 years! Granted we’d all probably be looking at upgrading our Virtual BrainPorts to the latest Alienware model by then. For smoother singularity integration. Anyway, my vote for leader of Microsoft’s Earth in 2046 is going to exeScript_45$#% Jones.

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    Posted 01:11pm 17/10/21
    wow that looks amazing whish I could get one.
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