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With Battlefield 2042's recent Beta, players have been able to experience the age-old Conquest mode in 128-player form. And with the upcoming Battlefield Portal presenting classic action, today DICE and EA are lifting the lid on the third mode coming at launch called Hazard Zone. In addition to being a squad-based PvPvE affair it's also one that leans into Battlefield 2042's near-future all-out warfare setting.

Here's the announcement trailer, and story synopsis.

In the year 2040, a worldwide event known as The Blackout has caused over 70% of satellites in orbit to malfunction and fall into the atmosphere. Communication, navigation, and surveillance were crippled, bringing an already tenuous relationship between the US and Russia to the edge of war.

In response, both countries have begun to use satellites equipped with capsules containing radiation-hardened Data Drives to collect important intelligence throughout the world. These capsules are dropped down into US/RUS controlled territories for the Occupying Forces to secure.

Such Data Drives are essential to No-Pats around the globe, providing them with valuable information to keep all No-Pats (including non-combatants) safe. And when necessary, the information can be sold to the Dark Market in return for supplies needed for survival.

This is where you come in.

In Battlefield Hazard Zone, you play as an Elite Task Force assigned to retrieve these critical Data Drives. You and your squad must locate, gather, and extract these drives before a storm overtakes the area in a high-stakes, one-life experience.

Every bullet, every skirmish, and every decision counts.

No doubt this is a very cool setup for a mode, one that sees squads of four unique Specialists (with load-outs that compliment each other) drop into one of the existing maps where they'll face other squads, AI-controlled Occupying Forces, and deadly storms. From there it's a race to get data and extract using all of the stuff that makes Battlefield, well, Battlefield. Vehicles, gadgets, weapons.

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It definitely sounds interesting, meaning it's the sort of thing you need to experience or play to get a feel for.

DICE notes that Hazard Zone matches will last anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on how well you go. And with that the mode will feature a dedicated Mission Area Briefing screen to offer up info on a region, and the ability to spend Dark Market Credits (DMC) to purchase weapons and equipment. On that note Hazard Zone is set to feature its own progression system, and bonuses to get in the form of Tactical Upgrades that can enhance a load-out with more throwables or bonuses to DMC earned when taking out Occupying Forces. Squads will also be equipped with a scanner to locate Data Drives.

In terms of the map itself, a storm will grow in potency. And with that three extraction windows will become available in specific locations. The trick is you need to get to the chopper whilst dealing with other squads and Occupying Forces. Once the final chopper leaves that's it, any remaining squads effectively lose.

For Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC players Hazard Zone will support up to 32 players across all seven massive Battlefield 2042 maps. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will experience Hazard Zone on scaled 24 player rounds.

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Looks like a great game can wait to get it.
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