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Ahead of next month's launch we got to play a preview build of the latest Horizon four-wheel adventure on Xbox Series X. Forza Horizon 5 is set in a vibrant hyper-realistic digital Mexico, and it's many and impressive biomes might just be the next solid step forward for the series.

A snippet.
With the vibrant backdrop you have a greater sense of Forza Horizon’s arcade and accessible style here, where co-op, story, exploration, and competing in activities or going off in search of a hidden car come together. As is the series’ way there’s introduction and story stuff to wade through before Mexico opens up proper though even in taste form the intro is such that you can head off and explore and see the different biomes Forza Horizon 5 offers. Of course, here at AusGamers we have a soft spot for the Australia-based Forza Horizon 3 - but calling this a direct sequel to that is to highlight the diverse look and feel of our home country as a digital play-space.

The Mexico here is nothing short of next level for the series. The opening Showcase drops you off into an active volcano where in a few short minutes you’re driving a supercar into a giant epic Tatooine-style sandstorm. Or, if you’re of the sort, a Darude. On Xbox Series X hardware you have the option to play at a native 4K 30fps with visual settings cranked or a smoother variable 60fps that looks basically the same. Albeit, benefitting from that smooth 60fps bump this console generation has welcomed with open arms.

Our Full Forza Horizon 5 - Hands-On Preview

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Looks great! Can't wait to get it.
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