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The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands is the next bit of narrative DLC headed to the online game, and its set to close out the year-long Gates of Oblivion by taking the action into the Deadlands. Which is the red, volcano-heavy wasteland many an Oblivion Gate closer will recognise.

Albeit with one of the largest in-game cities to date, with Fargrave "a mystical desert metropolis roofed by a massive skeleton". Very cool.

Those who’ve played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will recognise parts of the Deadlands. The Burn is an area that sports molten rivers, flame-infused beasts, and towering metal spires. And never-before-seen in an Elder Scrolls game, players can venture into a new zone of the Deadlands called The Sever, a region with fierce storms and ferocious winds.

Finally, not even a Daedric prince can tame this final region of the Deadlands. Fargrave is one of the biggest cities in The Elder Scrolls Online, a mystical desert metropolis roofed by a massive skeleton. It’s a city where players can craft, buy, and sell goods while traveling between realms. Before you visit this metropolis, ask yourselves one thing: What is valuable to those who do not need to eat, drink or rest?

As per the announcement this DLC-sized expansion sounds pretty hefty, promising 20-hours of new story content -- and a fitting finale to the Mehrunes Dagon saga. It's set to drop November 1 on PC with consoles to follow on November 16.

In a very cool move Bethesda is currently running a Bounties of Blackwood event, where if players reach a certain criteria the Deadlands DLC will unlock for all owners of the Blackwood expansion. The two-week event is currently sitting at 59% complete.

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